Medical Gear shares the same goal as you: personalized medical care and excellence.

C. Medical Gear

We offer solutions in the procurement of customized medical technology and products. Our worldwide presence makes us closer and closer to you, offering you personalized services.


We have developed a performance-based incentive compensation plan for all full-time and part-time administrative and professional associates, and a sales incentive compensation program for our sales force.

Our Mission

To contribute with innovation and constant improvement in each of our products, in order to continue positioning ourselves as a brand recognized worldwide for its quality, originality and effectiveness. We create a revolution in the industry with every step we take.

Our Vision

Medical Gear is focused on solving the medical needs of our customers through high-end products, with the quality that characterizes us. Functional and practical, aesthetic and outstanding technology and products that promise to exceed expectations.


First Class Attention

Monitoring and diagnostic technologies to effect the best type of management in various areas of ailment and disease care.

For patients

For the safe and effective management of your patients. Software-based patient mobility solutions for patient and caregiver collaboration.

Surgical Solutions

Find solutions in our products to improve efficiency and safety when entering the operating room. Tables, lights, pendants, among other instruments.

Quality management

The methodology used makes our team work effectively for the proposal of medical equipment and innovation within our brand.